DRAMA-FREE HOME APPLIANCESGorenje Simplicity Collection

Life can sometimes get dramatic. Thankfully, at least Gorenje Simplicity home appliances are completely drama-free with sleek and clean looks, a flawless user experience, and amazing value for money:  

  • Adaptive technology that recognizes the user's needs or habits
  • Automatic programmes deliver perfect results everytime
  • Intuitive one-step controls ensure ease of use for seasoned users as well as newcomers

Available in black or white, the classic colours that never go out of style.

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Red dot award for Simplicity induction hobs

The new Gorenje Simplicity induction hobs were awarded the prestigious Red dot design award. With innovative functions such as automatic pan recognition and the option to bridge two adjacent cooking zones, they offer even more flexibility and simplicity of use. Designed to guide users in a meaningful way, provide suggestions and choose the modes needed during cooking, the Simplicity hob meets even the most ambitious user demands, while remaining reasonably priced.

Adaptive, intuitive and automatic

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Cooling that simply understands you
This smart system was developed to maintain a constant temperature in the refrigerator regardless of how often you open the door. The refrigerator continuously monitors the way you use it and manages the temperature to prevent any increase in temperature and ensure your food stays fresh.
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No more drama with positioning the pots
Within the first 10 seconds after the hob is switched on, it will automatically detect the pot position and activate just the right cooking zone, single or connected, depending on the pot size. The function can also be manually activated at any time during the cooking process.
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No more drama with your favourite recipes
The oven will memorize your temperature setting for each preset program and suggest the most recent or the most frequently used setting the next time you use it.
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No more drama with complicated programmes
The single AutoProgramme with advanced sensor technology will always adjust the dishwashing programme to clean dishes perfectly, whether they just need a light rinse or intensive washing. At the same time it‘s keeping the water and energy consumption optimized.
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Light’s on simply when you need it
The Gorenje Simplicity hood's innovative AdaptLight sensor feature will automatically detect when someone is standing in front of the hob to start cooking and turn on the light for you.
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No more drama with complicated settings
With the AutoProgrammes automatic presets, cooking in the microwave is even simpler: just choose the type of food and the oven will automatically set the cooking power and duration.

Sleek design in black or white