Side by side features

The luxury of freshness

Enough space for large families as well
The luxury of freshness, convenient double door, appealing design, and environmentally friendly power consumption. A very spacious Side by Side refrigerator with innovatively designed interior offers enough space even for a week's worth of supplies of a large family. The food can be stored on glass shelves, in large drawers, or on deep shelves on the inner wall of the door.


No more tedious defrosting
Intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from both the freezer and refrigerator compartment. This prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls and keeps power consumption low. As a result, the usage of the storage capacity is optimal, and defrosting and cleaning of the freezer interior are longer necessary. Packages or pieces of frozen food will not stick to each other, keeping your food in the freezer neat and tidy.


Rapid cooling after weekly shopping
The intensive cooling function drops the refrigerator temperature to 3 °C, which is lower than usual by nearly a half. Combined with large refrigerator compartment volume, this temperature is ideal for rapid cooling of food after major shopping trips. After six hours, the function is switched off automatically and the refrigerator compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.
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Rapid freezing
The FastFreeze function freezes the food at -24 °C to preserve most of the minerals in the food. After approximately 2 days, the function is switched off automatically and the freezer compartment temperature returns to the initial setting.
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A modern view

Electronic control via LED display
Large and clearly laid out LED display allows instant control over all key settings with a touch of a finger. It allows accurate control of cooling and freezing temperature. In addition to the ChildLock, it also features the FastFreeze intensive freezing function and the economical EcoMode for when you are away on vacation.
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Ice cubes? Ice-cold water? No problem.
The ice maker stores the ice cubes in a dedicated drawer, keeping them always ready. If you press the WATER button, the appliance will dispense cold water; if you press the ICE button, it will serve ice cubes.
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The deep shelf in the refrigerator door allows storing a variety of bottles, jars, or plastic containers.


Convenient smaller door on the main fridge door allows instant access to the shelf with beverages without opening the fridge. Thus, refrigerators with the HomeBar door are more economical as cool air does not escape from the entire refrigerator. A gentle press on the upper part of the door will switch on the light that will make it even easier to pick your favourite cool drink.
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The bin with a cover in the refrigerator door can be used for storing cheese, onions, and other food with a pungent smell. The food in the ShieldBox stays fresh longer and it does not dry out.
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Two drawers in the lower part of the refrigerator maintain an ideal temperature for storing fruits and vegetables.

Deep shelves and bins in the freezer compartment door

Easy to locate and access smaller frozen items
The shelves in the freezer compartment door are the ideal solution for storing smaller items. This greatly improves the clarity and tidiness of the freezer compartment.
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Well-arranged and efficient
LED lighting in refrigerators provides excellent and highly efficient illumination. Its useful life is thirty times as long as that of conventional light bulbs, and it saves up to ten times as much power.