Remember - for the sake of good hygiene


Remember to wash your hands. Remember to wash the knife. Remember to wash the kitchen towel; just like the kids- you don’t let them stay dirty for days either. Good personal hygiene and good kitchen hygiene are essential, when you work with food.

How to ensure good personal hygiene? Wash your hands.

It may seem banal, but we’ll repeat this childhood lesson one more time because clean hands are Alfa and omega for good personal kitchen hygiene. So remember to wash your hands. And remember your children’s hands, especially if they have been playing with the kitty or the dog. Family pets may have pets of their own – and they can be dangerous.

How to keep bacteria from settling on your cutting board? Avoid scratches and tears.

Choose a cutting board made of wood. Wood repairs itself (if it is regularly well-oiled) so scratches to the surface close again. Wood also contains natural bacteria killers that destroy any bacteria trapped inside the repaired board. 

Make sure your guests want to come again after Sushi: Cut with clean knives.

If your utensils have been used with raw meat and are then used on the vegetables, the vegetables will be contaminated with bacteria from the meat. The result can be a stomach ache – or much, much worse. 

Your eggs shouldn’t be a source of salmonella. Don’t dip – boil.

Dipping an egg for a few seconds in boiling water does not kill the bacteria that are, as a rule, found on the shell. The shell is porous and the pressure pushes the bacteria dipped in boiling water into the egg. Even though the egg white contains antibacterial agents, they do not guarantee destruction of the salmonella. Boiling does.

How you avoid spreading bacteria with your dishwashing brush? Boil it.

Most people throw their dishwashing brush out, when it is too nasty. But that isn’t necessary if you don’t want your brush to spread bacteria from one kitchen utensil to another. Just drop it in the dishwasher the next time you wash. That will clean it of all bacteria. Or, you can rinse the brush with boiling water. Make it a habit to rinse the brush regularly. Left over water from boiled potatoes, for example, will do the trick.


Delicate source of health and taste: built-in steam ovens

MultiSteam 360° 
After the steam enters the oven cavity through multiple openings, a special fan distributes the steam evenly, giving the food a soft and tender feel. One water tank is enough for the entire cooking process so no additional opening of the oven is needed, saving time and energy and improving the overall steaming results.

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